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Download Facebook Video bookmarklet

Drag-n-drop this Javascript Snippet into your browser's Bookmarks: Download Video @fbvids. It is perfectly safe to do so, the code in this bookmark-let simply redirects to fbvid.org and passes the current page you are on as parameter for the video extractor... Simply click on this bookmark while on the page with some facebook video and see what happens (you'll be back up here in a jiffy). Just remember, for easy facebook video downloads done from 1st attempt, always use Mouse Right-Click → Save Link As on desktops or laptops, or Tap-n-Hold → Download Link on mobile devices, tablets, etc.

Check it out, it's truly easy to use Facebook Video Downloader to download videos from Facebook and Instagram in 4 quick steps (to download, Mouse Right Click or Mobile Tap-N-Hold, then Save Link As)..

Attention! All work happens right here, in your Internet Browser. To copy or paste Video URL, please, tap or click in the browser Web Address box, No apps or addons needed, just same old web address box, where you enter 'facebook.com' or any other web address. No complicated hidden clicking required.. Facebook Video Downloading made easy!

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